Emergence ‘

Exhibition work

Born completely perfect and completely vulnerable, we are vessels of life.  Empty but full.  Ready but not yet able.  Everyday,  each of us emerges,  filling with experiences, some good, some dark.  We are here in this moment.  Holding the pain and holding the future all at once.

We are generations of people inextricably linked.  By love, by loss, by fear, by blood.  We  are mothers. Our bellies give birth to the future, to little hearts which clamour to be held with a tenderness greater than we perhaps have even known ourselves. We are consumed and love burns brightly alongside fear, and exhaustion. 

Life moves ever forward leaving time in its wake.  We know growth. We know pain and loss.  We see new lands and find unexpected rainbows.  Possibility keeps us looking forward, holding hands, letting go.  Emerging

From here until maternity series…


Our best friends…


Fremantle Streetscape – Imperial Chamber – pen & ink – Cate Rose

Illustration & Design –

Cook book illustrations


Series for bespoke lasercut gate project


Artwork for themed party, spectacles for window display at high end optical store


Australian wildlife

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