Art to me is about feelings and, when it succeeds, it is because it expresses something felt as well as seen. I enjoy working from life because, much like a performer might feel in front of a live audience, working from life evokes a direct and immediate response.

Cate Rose with the family dog – photo by @theflowerhound

That said, I also use traditional study methods: researching, observing and making preliminary sketches when designing concepts, creating specific illustrations or working in oils or acrylics in my studio.

I like to allow room for spirit and reaction when I work, it adds excitement and drama, making space for the unconscious to emerge.

‘Craig Crouching’ Mixed media on paper from life – Cate Rose

Save the planet…

I am conscious of the burning planet and like to recycle and reuse materials. The artwork of Craig above has been created on a heavyweight art paper which has been painted over. I painted over the original with lovely colours and worked on it again. I was very happy with the result and I think it adds to the exciting texture of the final work.

I make conscious choices about materials. My art card series are printed on eco-friendly sustainably source Birchwood, backed with envirocare blank paper. The accompanying envelopes are 100% post-consumer recycled brown paper. I mostly make packaging for orders by hand from previously used card and papers – even it takes a bit longer than simply buying postbags.


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